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In a few weeks, I’ll be performing the first performance of my medieval stories, which I’ve entitled “What Women Want”, with a nod to Chaucer’s “The Loathly Lady”, and to say that I’ve enjoyed the research is an understatement. Don’t ask my why I decided to embark on a series of medieval tales – perhaps I’d finished a medieval-styled fantasy fiction when the idea struck, but whatever the reason, I’m grateful. It’s been a fascinating journey!

Clearly I am no medieval researcher, but some of the stories that I’ve collected (but may not necessarily tell) can only be described as smutty, although I’ve seen a few references to “salty medieval tales” too. Drunkenness, blatant cuckoldry, and wives teaching their somewhat useless husbands a lesson are just some of the tales I’ve come across, and for the right audience, they can only be described as delightful.

For the wrong audience, well, I think they’d offend a few people at best.

I initially started speaking of the dark ages in my marketing material, but having conducted my research, my final blurb is as follows:

From drunken monks  and wizards to wayward knights and ladies displaying rather unladylike behavior, WHAT WOMEN WANT is a fabulous collection of medieval stories told with energy, wit and wisdom.

Want to join me for my debut session?

Date: 21st February 2017
Time: 7pm-9pm
Place: Die Bäckerei (Dreiheiligenstraße 21a)
Cost: €5

Until next time!