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30 Tales from Muslim Sources

Folk tales and traditional stories retold by Ziyadliwa

There are some wonderful folk tales, wisdom tales and traditional stories that come from the Muslim world. In a time when being Muslim can be tricky thanks to the press, world politics and the ease with which humans stereotype groups, I thought that I would spend some time collecting and sharing some of the stories that have thrived and that have been told by believed for hundreds of years.

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A couple of notes and caveats:

  • I don’t speak Arabic or Urdu or Turkish (sadly!) so my pronunciation of non-English words are likely to be imperfect. Sorry!
  • I’ve called this series “30 Tales from the Muslim World” because Islam is a big part of many of these stories. I originally called the series “30 Tales from the Islamic World”, but this apparently implies a level of spirituality that these stories don’t really deserve, I feel. These stories come from Turkey, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, India and even South Africa, and there are many that are told by cultures and other traditions in slightly different ways. I’ve tried to provide sources in each post.

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