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Enjoy a story

Although nothing beats hearing a story live, I rather like listening to stories whilst I am out walking, so I regularly record stories for you to enjoy in your own time.

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Listen to a story

(The) Bald Parrot
Different perspectives lead to different interpretations of a situation.

Changing the World
A short wisdom tale about what it is possible for us to change.

(The) Charms of a Clever Wife
Hadji’s wife has a problem with her husband’s roving eye… But she’s a clever woman and manages to outwit him!

(The) Clever Thief
A thief helps those who judge him to reflect on their own innocence.

(The) Death of a Cauldron
Did you know that a cauldron is capable of bearing young? Neither did Nasreddin’s neighbour.

(The) Drum
How many Sufis does it take to silence a drum?

A simple gardener outwits the Caliph.

(The) Fruit of the Walnut Tree
Nasreddin ponders the nature of the walnut tree’s fruit.

(The) Grammarian and the Boatman
Whose life is wasted – that of a learned man or that of a simple man?

(A) Heap of Skulls
A short tale about sharing a messaging with those who want to listen.

Repentance Too Late
Avicenna has a plan to rid a city of it’s mouse population, but the king can’t hold his tongue…

Sanity and Madness
Is it better to be sane and live amongst mad people, or to be mad and fit in with the crowd? You decide.

Trust G-d But Tie Your Camel
A version of “G-d helps those who help themselves”.

What you choose to see
Sometimes beauty can be found in the most extraordinary places…