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Other storytelling services

In addition to creating custom storytelling shows for venues, performing touring shows, organising story walks and simply telling stories, I offer a number of storytelling services and services related to storytelling that are useful for individuals and organisations alike.

Storytelling 101: Training & Coaching

I offer individuals one-to-one training and coaching, and small group workshops to help people learn the basics of oral storytelling. We’ll cover things like where to find stories, how to find your natural storytelling style, different types of storytellers, how to apply storytelling to different environments and more.

Voice Overs:

Are you looking for a lively, easy-to-understand native English speaker to help you create voice overs for your book, audio tour, departmental training or advert? My voice has been described as “mellifluous” – really! – and I combine a neutral English accent with years of speaking expertise to create audio experiences that listeners will love.


Are you organising an event and wondering how to add something to the evening that entertains guests without forcing them to sit glued to chair for hours? A storytelling walkabout might be the answer. I’ll work with you before the event to identify a theme that might be interesting to your audience, and one that ties in with the purpose of the event. On the day (or night!) I’ll wander from table to table, offering stories that visitors can choose themselves from a selection of objects. I find that people usually take the stories home with them and share them, always mentioning the event where they heard it… A unique marketing and sharing opportunity!

Organisational Storytelling:

A workshop for professionals who want to understand more about how stories can help them inform, educate, persuade and motivate. Ideal for anyone with difficult messages to share, this workshop focuses on harnessing the power of storytelling to become a truly compelling communicator.

Keynote Speaking:

Are you looking for a keynote speaker with a difference? A professional storyteller with a business background and 20+ years of living and working across the globe might be an interesting fit. Although stories play a central role in all of my keynotes, I use storytelling as a tool to deal with many different themes, including business, confidence, sustainability, social issues, communication, tolerance and education, to name but a few.

“When I turned 40, I wanted to do something a bit different. Someone suggested a storytelling show at home and I contacted Suzanne to see if she could help. She created a wonderful, private ‘theatre performance’, weaving in some of my family history into a story about strong women from folktales. It was amazing! An unforgettable evening that everyone loved. Thank you!”

― Lieessa Luk, Innsbruck, Austria