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A short post today. For ages, I’ve been looking for a place in Innsbruck where I can offer a monthly storytelling event, and perhaps even start organising other events, too. Die B├Ąckerei has been a wonderful location for the last year or so, but they are so busy (a good thing) that I often find myself telling on days when there are 3-4 other events in progress. This makes finding my venue difficult, and of course, it’s near impossible to get a drink because of the crush of people.

It’s taken a long time. I had a couple of venues in mind, one of which simply doesn’t respond, another of which is just a little too far out of the city for walkers (especially in winter), and another of which responded initially but then went silent. I really wanted to find a venue where they’d enjoy a new injection of customers for their bar or restaurant, and I’d be able to have more of a partnering relationship, on that would benefit us both.

I’d almost given up, although I had prepared four new programmes for the end of the year, when I popped out for a coffee with a friend. Whilst we were there, we spotted stairs leading down into… where? And so we had a chat to the lovely Finnish waitress, then to one of the owners, then another owner gave us a quick tour and told me to email their events manager, and lo-and-behold, I now have a wonderful new venue in which to tell stories!

And the venue is Kater Noster. It’s a huge, open, airy space in Leopoldstrasse in Wilten, with a wonderful selection of cocktails, and a feel that is industrial and that reminds me of bars in the US and South Africa.

I can’t wait to try out the space, and hope that you’ll be able to join me when I do!