Storytelling shows & custom programmes

Are you looking for an evening of stories to entertain, engage and perhaps even educate? I offer a number of professional storytelling shows that you can choose from.

Need something special for your event? I create custom storytelling performances for adult and family audiences, as well as character interpretations and character performances for cultural, historical and art organisations.

Current storytelling shows & set performances

If you have an event coming up and you want to offer a storytelling performance that has been proven time and again, you can choose from one of my professional set shows, which we can tailor to your audience as needed. I currently offer 10-12 storytelling shows for venues of all sorts, telling in English. Each lasts +- 110 minutes, including an interval.

What Women Want | Innsbruck Storytelling | Ziyadliwa | English
What Women Want

The period: the middle ages. The people: monks, knights, nuns, merchants, fine ladies and common folk. The stories: some funny, some sad, some bawdy and some simply entertaining… (Medieval tales)

By the Light of a Celtic Moon | Innsbruck Storytelling | Ziyadliwa | English
By the Light of a Celtic Moon

An illicit love that results in a half-human, half-spirit child. A dedication to the ocean and the old gods. A journey. The clash of Christianity and the old beliefs. A sunken city. All by the light of a Celtic moon. (Celtic folktales & myths)

The Journey of a Thousand Miles | | Innsbruck Storytelling | Ziyadliwa | English
Where the Road Leads

From a small village in the mountains, a man sets out on a journey to change the world. Adventures and misadventures abound as he loses then finds himself again. (Wise and wonderful folktales and myths from across the globe).

Scatterlings of Africa | Innsbruck Storytelling | Ziyadliwa | English
Scatterlings of Africa

The winter is cold, and a small group of Africans, all from different countries, start to talk. As the stories flow, it’s easy to imagine being back under African skies… (African folktales).

A Love Like Salt | Innsbruck Storytelling | Ziyadliwa | English
A Love Like Salt

How much do you love me? Love hurts, and redeems and unites and breaks apart. Weird, wonderful and wise tales about love in all its forms… (World traditional tales about love)

The Girl with all the Gifts | Innsbruck Storytelling | Ziyadliwa | English
The Girl with all the Gifts

Ever wondered about the story behind the first woman in Greek mythology, Pandora? Then this is for you. (Greek mythology, world tales)

Sleep Only in Small Spaces | Innsbruck Storytelling | Ziyadliwa | English
Sleep Only in Small Spaces

Unsettling tales uncovered on a journey from Scotland that ends in the United States. Expect witches and witch prickers, death, ghosts, child killers and lots and lots of rats…

From Darkness, Light | Innsbruck Storytelling | Ziyadliwa | English
From Darkness, Light

A retelling of the epic Ramayana, featuring gods and demons, love and loss, darkness, and of course, light. (Indian tales, South East Asian tales)

The Golden Feather | Innsbruck Storytelling | Ziyadliwa | English
The Golden Feather

A golden apple, a single golden feature, a quest… And perhaps even a happy ending… (Russian fairy tale)

Unquiet Bones | Innsbruck Storytelling | Ziyadliwa | English
Unquiet Bones

Wishes and passing seasons, murder and music, mystery, magic and unplanned adventures…

The Tale of Fane and Joy | Innsbruck Storytelling | Ziyadliwa | English
The Tale of Fane and Joy

Follow the lives of Joy and Fane as they find each other, share adventures, have their ups and downs, and immerse themselves in what is, after all, a happy life. (world tales)

Custom-designed storytelling programmes & performances

I draw on my storytelling expertise and extensive repertoire to create custom programmes tailored for you and your audience.  I craft programmes for schools, museums, education and outreach, restaurants and bars, and more.

Kindergartens & English Literacy

I combine story reading and interactive storytelling programmes in English for non-English speaking children of kindergarten age.

Museums, Galleries & Events

Let me help you bring your events and exhibitions to life with character interpretations. I’ll take on the identity of a character relevant to your event and tell their story…


For students with a foundation in English, I offer storytelling programmes that tie into a school curriculum, as well as opportunities for class story creation and telling.

Restaurants & Bars

Get creative with what your restaurant or bar offers! From bawdy stories in a pub setting and open-air stories, to a custom storytelling show with a themed 3-course meal.

Education & Outreach

Want to educate people about the environment? Social challenges? Something else? Want to engage hearts and change minds? I craft programmes to do just that.

Festivals & Events

I am always happy to get on stage and tell stories, or work a room, offering stories to guests. I tell everywhere, from festival main stages to more intimate settings.

“The purpose of a storyteller is not to tell you how to think, but to give you questions to think upon.”

― Brandon Sanderson, The Way of Kings

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