Stories in Schools (in English, of course!)

Storytelling is at the very core of who we are – it’s the way that we share information, connect with others and explain our world.  That makes “story” the secret weapon of all schools!

I bring stories to schools – always in English – offering storytelling, story reading and story making programmes to help students of all ages gain more exposure to English, connect with stories, develop literacy and listening skills, and build invaluable memory skills that they can use throughout their school career and beyond! What’s even better is that these skill are useful in any language, not just English.

Storytelling Performances

I offer oral storytelling programmes – in English – for students from 12 years and older. This means no books: simply the students listening to a selection of stories that expand their English vocabulary, build listening skills, encourage participation and build creative and imagination skills.

I offer a number of storytelling programmes each school year, with stories tailored to the age group, and I provide teachers with English activity sheets that they can use in future lessons and that build on the stories.

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Story Reading

Reading aloud to students of any age has a myriad of benefits – students have an opportunity to develop listening and comprehension skills, gain expose to ideas and literature that they may not have access to at home, and simply settle down. Reading to students in English gives them exposure to English vocabulary, ideas and ways of language usages that they may not otherwise have during a traditional English lesson. And being read to by a native English speaker, with experience of using English in many English-speaking countries, means that children learn what different types of English sound like, how to pronounce words correctly, and the rhythm of the language.

I offer story reading programmes for children at all levels of English learning, from kindergarten to matura. I work with a variety of pre-selected books each school year, chosen to cater to different ages, all of which involve a mix of reading aloud and student participation – for younger children, we learn actions and simple words to use along with the story, and for older students, I ask questions and encourage critical thinking and feedback as a group.

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Story making: building English literacy in schools

The ability to remember a narrative and retell it, capturing all the key points, is something that students use throughout their school career, and often into their adult lives. The challenge is that few students are actually taught how to listen carefully and then tell a story or a narrative with their own “spin”.  The result is that students who are poor at listening and memorising don’t do well at school. And children who are good at memorising do. But what if all children had the skills to craft and retell a story? Verbally and in writing? Wouldn’t that make a difference?

I work with kindergarten and primary school children who are learning English as an additional language, helping them build their confidence in using English through storytelling and narrative. Students not only become more confident in actually using English, but they develop confidence in public speaking, build narrative skills, improve their listening skills, have a chance to “be heard” and of course, they develop English vocabulary and pronunciation skills.

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“People think that stories are shaped by people. In fact, it’s the other way around.”

― Terry Pratchett, Witches Abroad

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